Herbal therapy is widely used for many disease conditions in China. There are now approximately 5,700 herbal substances identified in the Materia Medica, published by the China’s Ministry of Health. The majority of these substances are plant source and have been found (through centuries of experimentation and usage) to be effective in assisting healing in certain conditions. Chinese herbs are usually used in combinations of 6 to 20 herbs and are customarily prescribed for an individual patient’s specific condition.  Herbs can be administered to a patient in many forms. Raw herbs can be taken in a brewed tea form. This herb tea form is stronger and quick acting. It does take some time for cooking and preparation and the taste can be quite strong initially. The herbs can also be prescribed in powder or pill form.   Herbs possess many strengthening as well as therapeutic effects due to their content of various nutrients and vitamins, which are essential to the body.